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Facts about Germany

Size: 356,978 sq km
Population: 82.5 million
Best Known: Famous as the home of the Oktoberfest, Germany is the land of the mysterious. From fairytale castles perched high on craggy mountain tops, to tiny romantic villages with chocolate box charm.

Germany’s landscape is as diverse as any country in the world providing a playground for hikers in summer and skiers and snowboarders in winter. Home of the Black Forest, which is not only abundant in fragrant flora and fauna, but also with myths and legends of the fairies and goblins that reside here.

 Species Index
Roe Buck  Roe Buck
Russian Boar  Russian Boar

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Hunting Tours in Germany


As many other European countries, Germany will strike you as a very clean, well established and organized country. It has some very beautiful cities with vast amounts of cultural offerings. Countless museums, castles, galleries, shows, theatres, spas and entertainment centers offer something for every taste.

It borders onto France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands and Poland. It is about the size of Montana and has a population of 82 million people.

Germany is flat in the north where it borders on to the North-Sea and has some well forested hills in the center. The south has mountains as it reaches in to the Bavarian Alps.

The images below are from our 2006 German Tour
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Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle

German countryside
German Countryside
Germany Germany Germany Germany Christmas Market in Germany Germany


A not so well known fact is that Germany has a very high and well managed game population of Roe Deer, Russian Boar, Fellow Deer, Muflon Sheep and Red Deer. All hunting areas or concessions are managed by hunters. Some are private leases and some are state forests that then offer small leases to residents. The cost of such leases is often linked directly to the annual quota and the species available. Not only do we have access to private leases through relation and/or friends but we also have excellent contacts for some government leases.

The most common and successful animals to hunt in Germany are the Roe Buck and the Russian Boar. That is why we only offer these two species at this time from Germany. We have better areas for the other species in the Czech Rep. and Hungary and would recommend a different country combination hunt if the other animals are of interest to you.

Oktoberfest in Germany
Oktoberfest in Germany

Semper Opera House in Dresden
Semper Opera House in Dresden

Hunting in GermanyTraditional hunting in Germany is done from a tree stand in the morning and evening hours. For Roe Bucks especially. But I know some areas where "still" hunting is possible as well. The guide there loves to still hunt himself and he was easily convinced to offer that option to our clients.

During the bright night phases of a full moon, Boar hunting is also done at night. Good optics with heavy cross hairs allow a safe hunting opportunity for some of the more illusive and larger Russian Boar. Driven hunts with drivers and dogs are also an exciting and effective method of boar hunting. They do require a larger group of hunters though. But with some time to plan, it could be arranged for a singe hunter to join another hunting group.

A hunter can shoot several Roe Bucks and Russian Boars. The recommended hunt duration for a Roe Buck and a Russian Boar is 8 hunting days. Feel free to ask for extended stays if you would like to be more selective or plan on shooting extra animals.

Included: An English speaking EuroSafari escort during your whole stay, transportation from and to airport, all transportation within the country, accommodation, meals, non alcoholic beverages, 1 on 1 hunting guiding, field care of trophies and packaging for shipping, licences and permits, hunting liability insurance and interpreting.

Not included: Flights, alcoholic beverages, cost for changes in your schedule, additional hunting day $ 450, non-hunting companion $ 200/day, sightseeing tours $200/day, spa treatments, extra shows, tours or concerts.


Dates: May 1 - 8 or May 9 - 16, July 24 - 31 or Aug 1 - 8
Cost: $3600/person
Roe Buck Roe Buck $800
Russian Boar Russian Boar $500  
  (for boars up to a 100 lbs $200)

Prices are quoted for good sized representative trophies of each species. Prices for gold medal, management and female animals upon request.


As with all other tours, you will be escorted by an English speaking Eurosafari guide on all tours. Depending on the sights you would like to explore we can tailor a fitting trip for you or your group.

Below you can see some of the tours we have put together to offer a good insight of this part of Europe.

These sightseeing tours can be booked separately or in combination with a hunting trip.


Location: 1 day Wiesbaden / Mainz, 2 days along the River Rhein, 2 days along the River Mosel.
Regular: $3700/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $6800/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $8600/ person (based on double occupancy)

Tour includes:

  • Tour of castles, brewery and winery
  • River trip (when available)
  • Theater and concert visits as available
  • All accommodation, meals and transportation as per star rating
  • Wellness treatments if wanted

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.


Location: We would start in Hamburg and work our way down to Munich or the other way around
Regular: $7400/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $13600/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $17200/ person (based on double occupancy)

This tour includes :

  • Tour of palaces and castles
  • River Trip (when available)
  • Seasonal Festivals
  • Museums, Theatres or Concert visits as available
  • All accommodations, meals and transportation as per star rating

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.

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