Guided Hunts in Czech Republic for Red Deer, Roe Buck, Sika Stag, Fallow Deer, Mouflon Ram, Russian Boar and Duck hunting

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Czech-Republic Facts

Size: 30.450 sq miles
Population: 10.3 million
Best Known: for its fine beers and the national hockey team always a strong contender in international competitions.

The Czech Republic is known for having over 2000 preserved castles and chateaux. More per square mile than any other country in the world.

There are many Spa towns with mineral springs which have medicinal purposes and have been used since the early 15th century by such famous people as Czar Peter the Great, King Edward VII of England, Albrecht of Wallenstein, Goethe, Schiller, Chopin, Beethoven, and Wagner.

 Species Index
Roe Deer  Roe Deer
Red Deer  Red Deer
Fallow Deer  Fallow Deer
Sika Deer  Sika Deer
Boar  Wild Boar
Mouflon Sheep  Mouflon

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Guided Hunts in the Czech Republic


Czechoslovakia separated in 1993 into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both countries joined the European Union in May 2004 and have enjoyed a strong economic growth for some time now. The Czech Republic has very friendly border crossings into it's neighboring countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Both their currencies and their borders will be eliminated once they reach the final stage of integration in to the EU.

The capital "Golden Prague" is one of the nicest cities in Europe. The breathtaking structures and golden capped churches and towers are a favored by every traveler that had a chance to see this city. The architectural styles, where Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures stand side by side reflect it's rich history.

The abundance of natural reservations and wildlife is also something the Czech people are proud of. Large forested areas offer beautiful habitat to game animals like Red Deer, Sika Deer, Russian Boar, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Muflon Sheep and many other small game animals.

There is also a very healthy and vibrant population of Ducks and Pheasants that offer some of the finest wing shooting in the world. To have a 700 bird day with 10 guns is not an exception thus making this destination a perfect place to come hunt and sightsee with your companion.

Old Towne Square in Czech Republic
Old Towne Square

Rudolfinum Gallery in Czech Republic
Rudolfinum Gallery


During your whole stay with EuroSafari from the time you land and depart in Prague you will be escorted by one of our English-speaking employees or by the owner of EuroSafari himself. Any wishes you might develop or changes to your booked schedule you would like to do should be mentioned to that person. We will always try to exceed your expectations.

Your accommodations while on a hunting trip with EuroSafari will be either the hunting lodge Kladska which was built by Duke Schönburg-Waldenburg in1876 or the Metternich castle resonant and hotel.

The Metternich castle was a Baroque structure dating back to the late 17th century and was rebuilt between 1820 to 1833 by an Austrian Architect for the prince Metternich. (See pictures at left). The Metternich Hotel and Restaurant next to the castle seen here has very nice rooms with fully functional washroom facilities and a very good kitchen and service staff. As does the hunting lodge Kladska and the Restaurants next door.

Kladska Hunting Lodge
Hunting Lodge - Kladska

Metternich Castle in the Czech Republic
Metternich Castle
At a prearranged time every morning after breakfast you will be picked up by your guide to go out for your morning hunt. He will bring you back for lunch and you will have some time for a rest before he will pick you up again for your evening hunt. Dinner will be waiting for you when you get back after dark. Most of the hunting is done in the traditional fashion off the European tree stand with some still-hunting at times

Included: An English speaking EuroSafari escort during your whole stay, transportation from and to airport, all transportation within the country, accommodation, meals, non alcoholic beverages, 1 on 1 hunting guiding, field care of trophies and packaging for shipping, licenses and permits, rifle if requested, ammunition, hunting liability insurance and interpreting.

Not included: Flights, alcoholic beverages, cost for changes in your schedule, additional hunting day $ 450, non-hunting companion $ 200/day, sightseeing tours $200/day, spa treatments.


Dates: September 21 to 30, October 2 to 11, January 1 to 10
Cost: $4500/person
Red Stag $3000
Sika Stag $1800
Fallow Stag $2400
Muflon Ram $2200
Medium Russian Boar $500
Large Russian Boar $1000
Prices are quoted for good sized representative trophies of each species. Prices for gold medal, management and female animals upon request.

Fallow Stag and Muflon Ram not available during January dates.


Dates: August 1 to 10
Cost: $4500/person
Roe Bucks $800
Red Stag $3000
Sika Stag (velvet) $1800
Muflon Ram $2200
Medium Russian Boar $500
Large Russian Boar $1000
Prices are quoted for good sized representative trophies of each species. Prices for gold medal, management and female animals upon request.



Dates: October 21 to 25
Cost: $6600/person (8 to 12 hunters)
2 Days of Duck hunting with 500 to 600 birds per day
2 Days of Pheasant hunting with 900 to 1000 birds per day
1 day of Big Game hunting for Russian Boar and Deer - 10 to 15 animals
Red Stag $1500
Sika Stag (velvet) $900
Prices for Red and Sika stag are extra for any medal class. Hunt also includes 15000 shot shells, a shotgun loader per shooter, rifle rental and ammunition.


As with all other tours we offer, you will be escorted by an English-speaking EuroSafari employee or the company owner. The sights we visit with you will have specific tour guides of course that will inform you and guide us through the buildings or sights. At almost all destinations we have personal friends that live there and you are benefiting from that local knowledge. We can show you not only the famous sights but also the places most tourists do not get to see. EuroSafari is all about taking you off the beaten path as well as showing you the must see places.
For all our tours we have chosen very nice and comfortable accommodations with friendly staff , excellent kitchen and amenities that we are used to here in North America. With many of our packages we are also able to offer upgrades to 4 and 5 Star Hotels, service and Restaurants.

The images below are from our Tours in 2006
Click the thumbnails to see the larger version:

Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic


Location: 3 days Marienbad + 2 days Prague (great add-on to hunting safari)
Regular: $2600/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $4900/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $8500/ person (based on double occupancy)

Tour includes:

  • Tour of the castles & the cities spectacular architectures
  • relax on a romantic carriage ride
  • enjoy a play at the Theatre or perhaps a Concert
  • visit the Royal Golf Club and play a round on one of Europe’s finest greens
  • tour and dine at the famous underground Chodovar brewery
  • enjoy a wellness treatment in one of the famous spas, or upgrade to full spa treatments
  • enjoy fine cuisine with us in different restaurants and last but not least both city have fantastic stores for shopping (Sorry your purchases are not included in our price).

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.


Location: 2 days Marienbad + 2 days Munich + 3 days Vienna + 3 days Prague
Regular: $5200/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $9800/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $15000/ person (based on double occupancy)

This tour includes all that is offered in the 5 day tour and in addition it offers

  • Castle Neuschwanstein (Munich area)
  • The Hofbraeuhaus (Munich)
  • Theater and Opera visits (Vienna)
  • Schoenbrunn Palace (Vienna)
  • St. Stephens Cathedral (Vienna)
  • Museums (Vienna)

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.

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