Hunting in Austria for Chamois, Red Stag and Russian Boar and Guided Sightseeing Tours in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria

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Facts about Austria

Size: 83,857 sq km
Population: 8 million
Best Known: Salzburg is the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vienna is known for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm.

Austria boasts an incredible wealth of remarkable buildings of great architectural and historic value including churches, monasteries, fortresses, castles, palaces, museums, and burgher houses to name but a few. Austria is also famous for its scenic attractions. Revel in the beauty of snow-capped peaks, roaring waterfalls, secluded nature parks, and emerald-green lakes.

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Guided Hunting and Sightseeing Tours in Austria


When one thinks of Austria things like beautiful mountains, delicious food, fantastic skiing and a vast amount of culture and history come to mind. The cities of Vienna and Salzburg offer some unforgettable experiences. The small towns throughout the Alps are also very inviting and welcome tourists from around the world all year long.

Austria has a population of a little over 8 million. The main language is German and most of the country has spectacular mountains. Austria has been a member of the European Union since 1995 and it borders on to Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Lichtenstein.

Parliament Buildings in Vienna Austria
Parliament Buildings


Perhaps not so well known is the fact that Austria has some fantastic hunting for Chamois, mountain Red Stags and Russian Boar. Through good friends we have been able to gain access to some excellent hunting areas for Chamois.

The cultural opportunities for a non-hunting companion or in addition to a hunting tour are endless. Accommodations may vary between a small hotel in the valley and a hunting cabin in the mountains. That also depends on the species you plan to hunt, the time of year and the snow level.

Austria only allows hunting with rifles and usual shot distances seldom exceed 200 yards. The game populations are in such good conditions that the guide will be very selective of the animal he will allow the client to shoot. For the largest part the hunter has to manage the game populations in Europe by taking out the weak and the sick and to keep the populations at a healthy level to prevent crop damage or large epidemics that could wipe out whole herds.

That is perhaps the largest difference to our style of hunting here in North America. Hunting that way in Austria is not only very successful but also very enjoyable since you will see so much game and have a chance to watch and get to know it a bit in its natural habitat.


Salzburg Castle in Austria
Salzburg Castle

Belvedere Palace in Vienna
Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Hofburg Theater in Vienna
Hofburg Theater in Vienna

Hunting in AustriaOn a usual hunting day you will get up well before daylight and have a light breakfast. You and your guide usually pack a little food and perhaps a thermos of tea or coffee for snack time. Depending on where the trip will be based out of you might leave on foot right from the cabin or you might drive to a specific place first before the hunt begins.

Most hunting is done in a combination of walking and sitting at strategic places and doing the traditional spot and stalk. Good optics is extremely valuable on this hunt. They are not just important to find game but also to see and identify the particular animal the guide picked out for the client. A small good quality camera is something we highly recommend especially on this hunt. At lunchtime we usually meet back at the cabin or hotel and plan on going out for the evening hunt that afternoon.

Accommodations in AustriaIncluded: An English speaking EuroSafari escort during your whole stay, transportation from and to airport, all transportation within the country, accommodation, meals, non alcoholic beverages, 1 on 1 hunting guiding, field care of trophies and packaging for shipping, licences and permits, hunting liability insurance and interpreting.

Not included: Flights, alcoholic beverages, cost for changes in your schedule, additional hunting day $450, non-hunting companion $200/day, sightseeing tours $200/day, spa treatments, extra shows, tours or concerts.

Kill fees depend on the size of the trophy and will be announced by your guide + - 10% when you see the animal. You can then decide if you would like to take it or not. An important preparation of this hunt is to inform us of your species and trophy size wishes. We can then give you a trophy fee cost and plan your hunt in the proper areas.


Dates: November 15th to 21st or November 23rd to 29th
Cost: $3150/person
Chamois $2500

Prices are quoted for good sized representative trophies of each species. Prices for gold medal, management and female animals upon request.


As with all other tours, you will be escorted by an English speaking Eurosafari guide on all tours. Depending on the sights you would like to explore we can tailor a fitting trip for you or your group. Below you can see some of the tours we have put together to offer a good insight of this part of Europe. These sightseeing tours can be booked separately or in combination with a hunting trip.


Location: Vienna or Salzburg
Regular: $3700/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $6800/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $8600/ person (based on double occupancy)

Tour includes:

  • Tour of palace
  • River trip on the Danube (in Vienna when available)
  • Theater, museum and concert visits as available
  • All accommodation, meals and transportation as per star rating
  • Carriage Tour as available

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.


Location: 5 days Salzburg and area plus 5 days in Vienna
Regular: $7400/person (based on double occupancy)
4 Star: $13600/ person (based on double occupancy)
5 Star: $17200/ person (based on double occupancy)

This tour includes :

  • Tour of palace and castles
  • River Trip on the Danube (when available)
  • Carriage Tour (as available)
  • Museums, Theatres or Concert visits as available
  • All accommodations, meals and transportation as per star rating

All mentioned activities and admission fees are included in our prices.

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